The first thought of a fat butt is that the person is thick, and thus the person has health problems.

However, this may not be true.

When it comes to health, you must pay attention to much more dangerous things that have fat around the chest or near the heart.
In fact, the fat around the hips protects the heart retaining fat in places where it can not harm the vital organs.

Your Butt Shape Says A LOT About Your Emotional and Physical Health

“V” shape

This form is characteristic narrow waist and broad hips a little something. Actually, buttocks are the biggest in the lower back, and then gradually narrowing. This form of a butt is typical for older women, but it is also necessary to regulate the intake of fat, especially trans-fats that do not need to eat.

“Quartered” shape

Or otherwise called “muscular bottom.” It is characterized by somewhat similar dimensions width of the hips and buttocks. This form is called the “form of a child.” Such butt is very difficult to transform and it should make special and quite aggressive exercises to change. These people are usually very healthy, but in some cases, you may have a little fat around the hips.

Round shape

Otherwise, it is known as a form of “cherry” or “apple”. Waist significantly narrower than the bottom, which is in the form of round and he is full. People who have this kind buttock generally healthy.


Definitely the most favorable form of butt, which most certainly is nice. However, if you do not exercise, these people are at risk of heart problems.